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Ask the doc: “Which is less healthy, ultimately: fat or sugar?”

—Gavin G.*, University of Victoria, British Columbia (*Name changed)You’re not the only one asking this question—medical scientists are doing the same. First, understand that sugar and fat aren’t your enemies. They play a role...
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Ask the nutritionist: May 2016

“Sugar (e.g., candy bars) is the only thing that gets me to sit down and study. How do I stop this habit?”—Madeline L., University of DelawareSugary foods cause a spike in blood sugar that...
Man choosing produce

Ask the nutritionist: October 2015

“I keep my calories at an appropriate intake; however, I drink a lot of soda. Why is this bad?”—Amberly T., University of Massachusetts, AmherstThis is a great question. Even if your caloric intake is...

What’s up, sugar? Quiz: Sugar’s about to get real

Rate this article and enter to winSugar is confusing on so many levels. Is it natural to the product or added—and does that matter for our health? (Yes, up to a point.) Why don’t...