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Colorful illustration of vaping deivces

Smoking Q&A: What do we know about vaping, juuling, and cigarettes?

Everything you wanted to know about the effects of smoking, including juuling, e-cigarettes, vaping, and more.
Marijuana plant

7 ways marijuana affects the body and brain

Rate this article and enter to winTalking about marijuana can be a little complicated. With marijuana set to be legalized in Canada in July of 2018, it’s less taboo than it once was—but the research...

5 things you didn’t know about vaping

Rate this article and enter to winBy now, you’ve probably seen people puffing on all sorts of odd-looking devices, walked through clouds of vapour on the street, and maybe even tried an e-cigarette yourself....

When is marijuana use a problem? And why that’s hard to answer

Rate this article and enter to winThis content was developed with extensive input from the Professional Advisory Board of Student Health 101, which includes two physicians and 12 campus health educators and related specialists.As...
Woman vaping

Vaping: What we know so far — & what we don’t

Rate this article and enter to winWhen e-cigarettes hit the market almost 10 years ago, they were advertised as a clean, safe alternative to traditional smoking. To some extent, that’s likely true; they do...
Marijuana banner

Up in smoke: Marijuana laws and why they matter

Rate this article and enter to winWhat is marijuana legalization to you? Is it largely a health issue, a criminal matter, or a question of personal choice? Is medical marijuana a miracle or a...

E-CIGARETTES Unhealth-E or OK?

A few years ago, they were rarely seen in the wild. Now you can find them next to the Oh Henry! bars in gas stations. They’re E-cigarettes, and they got popular fast. Researchers are...
Woman breaking cigarette

“I only smoke when…”: How casual cigarettes catch up with you

Rate this article and enter to winMany people have a favourite activity to do with friends. But one particular social activity has caught the attention of researchers: social smoking.In a recent Student Health 101...
Crushed cigarette with smoke

Smoke and stress: Break the link

Rate this article and enter to winMiranda N., a recent graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, started smoking occasionally with her friends when she was 14. A year later, her social activity became a...