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Napping girl

Take a nap or push on through?

Rate this article and enter to winWhat’s in a nap? If you’re doing it right, napping brings a bunch of benefits: improved learning ability, memory, alertness, physical and mental stamina, and relief from stress....
Student taking a test

10 test tips: How to remember that stuff you forget

Rate this article and enter to winNo matter how many hours I spent rereading Physics principles, I couldn’t keep the equations straight. Like many students, I was going at it wrong. Reviewing course notes...
Kanban board

Ultimate life hack: How to make time work for you

Rate this article and enter to winWe could all use a little help in the get-stuff-done department. What if you had a tool to efficiently manage your workflow—one that’s easy to make and use?...
Female student taking a test

How to remember what you learn

Rate this article and enter to winAnyone who has taken an exam has likely reached into their memory for that moment when the professor explained a crucial point, and found…nothing. That stuff isn’t necessarily...
Woman stretching in bed

You snooze, you win: How sleep helps you retain memory

Rate this article and enter to winSleep is your key to academic success. It helps you learn information and use it when you need to.Dr. Kimberly Cote, Director of the Brock University Sleep Laboratory...
man looking confused

Don’t forget to remember!: Tips and tricks to improve your memory

Rate this article and enter to winHave you ever been in this situation? You’re sitting behind a desk and about to take the most crucial exam of your academic life (or at least that’s...