10 FYIs on STIs: Everything you ever (and never) wanted to know

10 FYIs on STIs: Everything you ever (and never) wanted to know

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Close up of guy meditating

Mind your mind: Meditation: How to do nothing and everything

In this column, I’ve shared a few different mindfulness methods to help with stress and difficult situations. The best method, the cornerstone of mindfulness practice, is meditation. Many people try meditation and think they...
Woman exercising using ropes

5 effective fitness fads: Learn the pros and cons of the latest routines

Rate this article and enter to winTrying out a variety of fun and interesting ways to exercise can help you stay motivated—and break up the 150 minutes per week recommended in the Canadian Society...
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Campus health & wellness resources

Rate this article and enter to winUniversity is a time of adjustment: making new friends, navigating academics, and staying healthy, both physically and mentally. To ensure your success, it’s important to know what kind...
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Mind your mind: Troublesome thoughts & what to do with them

Ever heard of “floating noting”? Probably not—because it’s a cute, rhyming nickname created by yours truly. The practice, though, came from Burmese meditation masters, and it’s a beautifully simple method for dealing with complicated...
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Bliss out, don’t miss out: The joy and solace of sleep

 Rate this article and enter to winStudents adore and crave sleep. When we asked hundreds of you what you’d love to be doing right now, sleeping ranked second—behind only “being with someone I love,”...
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Why is everyone talking about sexual assault on campus?

Rate this article and enter to winThe evidence is clear: Sexual assault and coercion are common on campuses, and have been for decades. Why have we taken so long to see it?In part, because...
Mind your mind: How to summer mindfully

Mind your mind: How to summer mindfully

June is here, and several massive changes are just around the corner. First, no more mindfulness columns until next fall! (I know; I’m sad about it too.) Second, summer break is coming up, if...
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Everyone’s Issue: How we can all help prevent sexual assault

Rate this article and enter to winAll students have a vital role in the effort to build safer and socially comfortable campuses. Research shows that only a small number of men on campus are...
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Your introvert advantage and how to use it

Rate this article and enter to winMost of us can be introvert-ish, at least sometimes. In a recent survey by Student Health 101, 27 percent of students who responded identified as full-on introverts, and...